Much has changed in the world. We’ve become more digital in the past two months than in the past ten years. Where does virtual and augmented reality stand in the post COVID-19 world? Explore with Christopher Lafayette as he gives us insight into the future and current state of extended reality and emergent technologies.

About Christopher Lafayette
Christopher is a Silicon Valley national & international speaker with expertise in medtech, ecotech, education, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, artificial intelligence, telepresence, disruptive media and several additional applied sciences. Founder of XR platforms, Flotilla, HoloPractice and the Immersive Directory. He’s creating a series of immersive medical incubator platforms, building fully equipped immersive Holodecks and creating emergent technology applications and hardware.

Christopher has also executed and managed business development for thousands of campaigns and projects. An expert in lab-to-market acceleration. He’s working with corporations and startups to bring eco-culture into hardware, software, and content development.

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