In 2018, Google reported attrition data for the first time, showing Black and Latinx employees left at higher rates than their white counterparts. After implementing targeted diversity policies, attrition rates fell for those groups. The tech industry as a whole struggles to hire and retain Black talent. Blacks In Technology NYC Metro and Dr. Janice Gassam, dig into the “why” and propose practical guidance for Black employees on the bubble and for companies that have a sincere interest in retaining diverse talent.

About Dr. Janice Gassam

Janice Gassam, Ph.D. is the founder of BWG Business Solutions, LLC, a consultancy designed to help organizations create more inclusive environments. Janice facilitates workshops, delivers keynote speeches and “Awareness Talks” to spark important dialogue about workplace equity. Janice has had the opportunity to collaborate with Yale University, Nordstrom, H&M, and PayPal/Venmo among many others. She is the host of the Diversity Dinner Dialogue, a free public workshop designed to address issues around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. She is a senior contributing writer for Forbes having authored nearly 200 articles. Janice has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in business and psychology. She is a TEDx speaker and the host of the Dirty Diversity podcast where she discusses all things diversity, equity, inclusion, or lack thereof.


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